About Me


Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is a mathematician and economist from Mexico City, dedicated to innovation and improvement in different industries.
He went to Stanford University where he took several courses about marketing, management and strategy.
He began his career as Chief of Staff of the Secretary of the Treasury from 2000 to 2006.
After a successful run in the public administration, he participated in the regulation of the financial system, tax policies, electronic payments, IT, telecommunications, etc.
With the policies and campaigns that Porfirio implemented, the use of electronic payment increased by more than 300% in all over the country.
Sanchez Galindo implemented the biggest and most successful government campaign to promote electronic payments: Boletazo.
was the first campaign to promote electronic payments between the Government and the Financial System.
In the IT area, Porfirio also implemented the biggest data center and VPN in LATAM. As today, the Mexican Government continues with the IT infrastructure that Porfirio and his team designed.

Porfirio Sanchez is one of the main creators of regulatory improvement in media, telecom and Fintech. Later on, he was signed by Televisa, the largest media consortium in Spanish as Chief Economist and later Chief Marketing Officer of the telecommunication areas. Porfirio was also a member of the Finance Board of the Finance Committee. The marketing and commercial strategies implemented by Porfirio’s team implied a huge increase in competition and better prices in the telecommunication services, mobile and fixed. Porfirio produced successful tv campaigns with Ashton Kutcher, Clive Owen, and Patrick Dempsey. This was the first time this kind of talent participated in LATAM. Later on, he became CEO of Televisa Publishing and Social Media, the largest interactive media and online/offline publishing company in Spanish, removing it from the financial stagnation it had and driving new technologies, talents, content and search engine optimization, successfully achieving the transition of magazines and print to audiovisual and social media content closer to millennials and centennials, which for many years were the headache of the advertising industry.

He was the first to implement Marketing and Advertising Technologies and innovator solutions to clients. During his management, the company reached a total of more than 120 million UV’s.
In 2018, Televisa Publishing and Social Media was the only profitable big publisher in LATAM.
During this period, he also worked as a producer of new Television properties that were a success and a milestone with the company brands.
He was also responsible for the expansion of DC Comics and Marvel Comics throughout Latin America.
In 2018 DC Comics and Marvel increased sales in 200%
After almost 9 years at Televisa, he decided to leave the position to bring his skills to the Fintech industry where he currently directs a project that seeks to be disruptive and innovative in areas such as trading, banking, and crypto.